The Verve Group is changing the face of finance; both within the industry and outside it.

Established over 14 years ago, our organisation has built a solid reputation with our industry-renowned brands - Para-Sols, Apricity Compliance, and The Art of Finance. In 2019, we introduced The Verve Group as an umbrella brand to bring these services together. Since then, The Verve Group has flourished, becoming an independent and innovative provider of outsourced support services for financial advice firms. Starting from July 2023, all our brands will operate under the unified name of The Verve Group.

We understand that there are times when your existing team could use an extra pair of hands to avoid feeling overwhelmed. We also recognise that there may be specialised areas rarely encountered in your firm where you need specific expertise. Whatever your unique situation may be, we have a team of experienced financial services professionals ready to offer the flexible support you require.

Our range of services includes helping you establish a compliant and robust business proposition. By doing so, we aim to make things easier for your internal team and provide additional resources to support the growth and success of your business.

To explore how we can assist you, feel free to reach out to us at 01325 952116. We're here to help.

We will ensure that our products and services meet our customer’s expectations, our own high standards and comply with all relevant regulations. Specific quality objectives will be set and reviewed through our management review process.
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