Who are Paradigm Consulting?

Paradigm Consulting is a premier provider of financial consultancy support to directly authorised wealth managers, financial advisers and mortgage advisers in the UK. Our team of Consultants become an extension of your business, they are the extra pair of helping hands when you need it most and, whilst they love to develop long term relationships with you, they also understand that sometimes all you need assistance with a particular issue or the odd, ad hoc ‘quick fix. Paradigm Consulting’s flexible and adaptable way of working is designed to suit you, your needs and your budget.

How can we help?

We fully understand that dealing with regulation in today’s financial world can be difficult, daunting, not to mention distracting when you are trying to achieve your dream and ambition of running a commercially successful business.

Paradigm Consulting has unrivalled expertise in providing compliance services to a broad range of firms, and understand the difficulties that firms face in this busy regulatory environment and how these regulatory changes can impact upon your business. Sometimes you need an expert pair of hands to help build and maintain a solid regulatory foundation stone, the proven launchpad for any successful financial services business.

Our team of vastly experienced Financial Consultants are here to be that additional pair of hands. Here are some of the areas that we can support your business with:

  • Face to Face Consultancy: Helping to maximise your business’ potential by establishing a long term working relationship with you centred on a deep understanding of your business. Find out more here.
  • Expert Business Monitoring: Helping you to ensure that the advice your firm provides to your clients is always suitable. Find out more here.
  • Technical Helpdesk: Paradigm Consulting’s team of specialist regulatory, pension, tax and trust Consultants are always on hand to answer your queries, no matter how simple or complex. Find out more here.
  • Keeping you fully informed: Paradigm Consulting will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to regulatory change with the provision of regular, up to the minute, communications, notifications and support material. Find out more here.
  • FCA Application Support: Paradigm Consulting are proud to have personally helped hundreds of Financial Advisers gain FCA authorisation over the years. Our support is provided on a bespoke basis and we are by your side every step of the way. Find out more here.

We deliver bespoke, practical services and solutions working closely with firms to implement compliance processes, procedures and advise on changes that may be required. We can also assist firms in the delivery of their Training & Competence Scheme, undertaking KPI reviews, 1-2-1 meeting completion as well as the preparation of Training Needs Analysis and CPD records reviews. We also provide a library of supporting documentation and work with firms to develop documentation that will enable firms to meet their ever-increasing regulatory burdens.

Let's Talk

It’s always best for to have an initial chat to fully understand how we can work with you, so please feel free to visit our website, email us at enquiries@consultparadigm.co.uk or call us on 0161 486 4890.

We will ensure that our products and services meet our customer’s expectations, our own high standards and comply with all relevant regulations. Specific quality objectives will be set and reviewed through our management review process.
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